Ally Brooke Reveals She Wasn’t Allowed to Release a Feature While in Fifth Harmony

Ally Brooke is opening up about creative struggles she faced as a member of Fifth Harmony.

During an appearance on Snapchat’s This Is How I Made It on Saturday (February 2), the 25-year-old “Low Key” singer revealed that she was blocked from releasing a song she recorded with another artist – even though other members of the girl group were releasing features.

“We were all doing features. Everybody was experimenting and kinda spreading their wings…I found this one song that I really liked. I was a fan of the song and I loved working with the artist,” she explained.

“But then I was told within the label that I couldn’t release it. That person who had to approve it, he called me and he literally was just like ‘You’re not doing it, you’re not releasing this feature. I’m not gonna let it happen.’”

“On top of that, the tone that it was told to me was very disheartening,” she added.

“The most important thing was that everybody at the time were allowed to do features. This is not fair to be, one, spoken to this way, but also told no because of a personal opinion. It was just, to me, not right. So in that moment, I felt alone and just felt like ‘I don’t understand why this is happening to me.’”

For more from Ally, visit This Is How I Made It on Snapchat.

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