Anne Hathaway & Rebel Wilson Enlist Joanne the Scammer to Steal Their ‘The Hustle’ Trailer!

Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson want fans to see the trailer for their upcoming movie The Hustle, so they have hatched a plan to get it out there as soon as possible!

The co-stars enlisted Joanne the Scammer to steal the trailer from a movie theater it sounds like they’ll be dropping it online pretty soon.

It all started after Anne posted the film’s poster on Instagram the other day and said, “Rebel, can we please release the trailer already??”

Rebel responded and said, “I have a plan (for the trailer release) but can you meet me in the south of France tomorrow to discuss? I will send BBJ.”

Joanne the Scammer then wrote, “Where there’s a scam, there’s a plan.”

A few days later, Joanne posted this video on Instagram and wrote, “Had to help a couple friends get a hold of the @hustlemovie trailer. It’s like I always say: Only help women, only scam men. Meeting @annehathaway and @rebelwilson tonight for the hand off. Truly iCONic.”

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