EXO Kai Reveals Why He Wants to Form a Unit with D.O

Kai wants to show a particular side of his personality, and he feels that a unit with D.O is the way to do it.

Image source – JTBC

On the Saturday episode on “Knowing Bros,” EXO made their second ever appearance of the program and worked closely with the staff to create a funny, entertaining, and revealing show.

During the show, the cast asked the group which members they would pair with if they created another unit. In response, EXO provided their answers but it was Kai’s answer that caught the attention of viewers.

According to the singer and main dancer of the group, he wants to be in a unit with D.O. “If I am a part of a unit with only two other people, I will be able to show a cute side if I am in a group with D.O,” he said.


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