Josh Radnor & Busy Philipps Can’t Remember If They Made Out

Josh Radnor made out with a lot of people on How I Met Your Mother but he’s not sure if it included Busy Philipps!

The 44-year-old actor joked about Busy‘s guest appearance on the sitcom while stopping by Busy Tonight on Thursday (January 24).

“Did we make out when I was on your show or was it just suggested? You made out with so many people on that show I bet!” Busy said during the episode.

“It’s all a blur…” Josh responded.

While the duo wasn’t sure if they locked lips on screen, Josh went on to describe some of his favorite kisses on the show.

Check out all that Josh had to say in the entire interview below…

Busy Tonight airs Monday through Thursday at 11 PM on E! News.

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