Rihanna Throws Shade at Super Bowl 2019, Calls Plane Passenger a ‘Weirdo’ for Wanting to Watch

Rihanna is one of the performers who turned down the chance to perform during the 2019 Super Bowl Halftime Show and now she is throwing some shade at the big event.

The 30-year-old entertainer was on an airplane on Sunday night (February 3) while the game was taking place.

Rihanna took a selfie video and said in the caption that a man sitting in First Class asked, “How can we watch super bowl on the flight?”

Looking totally unimpressed, Rihanna looked into the camera and wrote “Me: ” as her reaction.

In a second post on Instagram Stories, Rihanna zoomed in on a passenger sitting a few rows behind her and added a sticker that read, “Weirdo.”

Here are all of the celebs who are boycotting the Super Bowl.

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